Monday Keynote

Mike Walsh

Re-Imagining Legal Technology for the 21st Century
IT and business leaders in legal organizations have never faced a greater set of challenges. Disruptive technology is reshaping traditional markets. The rise of machine learning and AI, decision-making in an era of big data, and a new generation of global clients and employees naturally born to mobile platforms and real-time applications are becoming hard to ignore. Whatever made you successful until now could also be the biggest threat to your future. Upgrading your systems is one thing, but are you ready to embrace change across your organization and dissect the DNA of your culture? This new era of automation and client collaboration in a security-focused landscape places agile, innovative technology and business teams in a position to thrive while managing risk and downtime. Mike Walsh’s keynote on designing business for the 21st century is an essential survey of the companies, innovators and technology platforms that will define future success.

Watch Mike's pre-conference teaser:

Tuesday Keynote

Dan Katz

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Solving the Legal Profession's Biggest Problems Together
Clients and law firms need to work together to solve the biggest problems facing them both, including the optimal overall data strategy for collection, hoarding, preservation, measurement and metrics; data we should collect today to help answer the questions of tomorrow; leveraging current technologies to improve data measurement and regularization and overall collaboration; measuring the performance of and determining fair value for legal work; how to create appropriate micro-incentives to further innovation; startup technologies being developed that are worthy of consideration; and where we'll find the staff to manage it all. Together, we'll measure twice, cut once and start solving legal's biggest problems.