Buddy System

New This Year!

We’re offering first-time attendees the chance to sign up for an ILTACON buddy. You’ll be paired up with an experienced ILTACON attendee who will you take you under their wing and give you the insider’s perspective on having a great ILTACON experience.

Why Sign Up for the Buddy System?

  • First-Timers: ILTACON is exciting, invigorating and inspiring … but it can also be overwhelming your first time. With the ILTACON Buddy System, a conference veteran will help you prepare for the conference, advising you on good sessions to attend, how to make the most out of the networking events and other ILTACON attendees you should meet. Feel relaxed and confident heading to ILTACON, knowing that your buddy is there to guide along the way.
  • Veterans: Remember what it was like to be the new kid? You can help make sure a first-time attendee has an amazing time at ILTACON. If that’s not enough, you'll be energized through the fresh perspective of a first-time attendee; you'll get a warm 'n' fuzzy feeling by furthering another person’s conference experience; and you'll fine-tune your leadership skills in a one-on-one situation.

What You Can Expect

  • Receive buddy contact information by August 15
  • Schedule one or two phone calls ahead of ILTACON to introduce yourselves, answer questions and go over ILTACON basics and tips
  • Meet face-to-face on Sunday during the Conference Orientation from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Walk through the vendor hall together
  • Meet for lunch, coffee or during a networking event to check in
  • Join the First-Time Attendee channel in the ILTA Events conference app for real-time Q-and-A

Have Questions?

Contact Julia O'Donnell at jodonnell@iltanet.org.