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ILTA Events 2016 App

Get your 2016 conference info on the go! The ILTA Events 2016 app will provide access to the conference agenda, speaker details, attendee list, exhibitors, resort info and more. The ILTA Events 2106 app is available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (see device requirements below). You'll find the app in the Apple iTunes store, and the Google Play store. Search for ILTA Events 2016. There's also a HTML 5 web version that can be accessed from most devices. Watch a demo of the app!



To access the mobile web version, visit or click the HTML5 logo above.

Login/Password: Please note that the app uses a randomly assigned password (it is not your ILTA website password). If needed, use the 'Reset password' link on the sign-in screen of the app to reset your password. (Note: doing so will not affect any ILTA website login but you might need to add to your anti-spam "approved senders" list if you aren't receiving 'password reset' emails).  

Device Requirements

The ILTA Events app is available for the following devices:

  • Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch (Apple iOS v7.0 or higher is required)
  • Android smartphones and tablets (Android OS v4.1 or higher is required)
  • Other devices supporting HTML5 can utilize the web version of the app (link listed above)

** The Vendor eBingo game is only available for Apple and Android devices. Attendees who don’t have a compatible device may opt for the paper-based Vendor Bingo card.

For questions about ILTA's Events app, email us at Visit the IMPORTANT INFO choice in the app for lots of helpful information.

Note about Android Device Privileges
The Android version displays a fairly extensive list of device privilege requirements, which might seem unreasonable at first exposure. The following will help explain.

  • Identity: the app reads your name and default email address on the device as a convenience to help expedite your initial login to the app.
  • Calendar: the app provides the option of adding agenda items into your default calendar, referencing the personal agenda that you build in the app. Without calendar permission, the app couldn’t do so.
  • Contacts: the app can save the contact info of other attendees that you find in the app, which it could not do without contacts permission.
  • Photos/Media files: the app allows you to set a profile picture using any picture in your device’s gallery/media files. Thus this permission is needed.
  • Camera: the app allows you to post photos in the activity feed, that you can take at any time using the device’s camera, hence the need for this permission.
  • Wi-Fi Connection info: the app allows for offline mode vs. online mode, and thus it needs to have access to Wi-Fi connection info to determine current connectivity status.
  • Location: the app supports the use of Bluetooth beacons for location based notices and services, e.g., display a welcome message or display a survey request based on your location within the conference center.
  • Bluetooth: same as above.

You can also read more about our vendor’s privacy policy here.

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