These captivating interviews discuss innovative projects and strategies, important issues the ILTA membership will face in the next year, and provocative thoughts from some of ILTA’s thought leaders.  To view other ILTACON videos, click here.

Rick Krzyminski & Cheryl Disch

Rick Krzyminski and Cheryl Disch explain the conference content development process, how the theme of embracing change developed and new formats this year at the conference.
John Alber

ILTA’s Futurist, John Alber, discusses the redesign of law practice outside of firms and the need for law firms and lawyers to move away from the trait of correctness and to act. To remain viable in the market, he believes we must change and redesign the practice of law inside firms.
Toby Brown

Toby Brown, Chief Practice Management Officer at Perkins Coie, shares the importance of interacting with clients to determine the drivers for their pricing needs, his views on leadership and his work for the new initiative on matter coding standards.

Peter Qumsiyeh

Peter Qumsiyeh provides helpful tips and tricks for a successful conference experience for first-timers.
Chris Haley

Chris Haley, 2016 Litigation Support Professional of the Year, describes his work on the conference planning committee. He also shared two of his team’s projects, eMerge and expanding his team through internships with a non-profit program called Year Up.
Rodney D. Miller

Rodney Miller addresses the challenge of culture change as it relates to information governance and legal project management.

Professor Daniel Martin Katz

Dan Katz talks about his work in the Law Lab at Chicago-Kent where he focuses on process improvements through technology and his work for LexPredict where he focuses on legal analytics. Katz says, “Lawyers working together with analytics are better than lawyers alone or analytics alone.”
Jeffrey Brandt

Jeff Brandt discusses keeping up with trends, security, IT leadership – “it’s not about the technology” and his next big projects including moving away from an on-premise system.
Michele Gossmeyer & Catherine Monte

Michele Gossmeyer and Catherine Monte describe the Women Who Lead initiatives and their leadership of the program. They offer advice on leadership, encouraging women to seek leadership positions and developing varied communication styles to reach all staff.

Vanessa Lozzi & Jack Thompson

Vanessa Lozzi and Jack Thompson talk about the benefits and programming at ILTACON’s Corporate Legal Day for corporate legal departments, law schools and government entities. They also share their view on the relationships between firms and clients and discuss the benefits of volunteering with ILTA and the Corporate Project Planning team.
Meredith L. Williams

Meredith Williams, ILTA’s President, talks about her work in knowledge management to connect with the practice of law, sessions at ILTACON and proposed changes in the bylaws regarding the election process.
Judi Flournoy

Judi Flournoy, CIO at Kelley Drye, discusses two security sessions at ILTACON, her experience with an AI pilot, the Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award, the Women Who Lead ILTACON session on networking and leadership and tips for first-timers.

Sandy Mikita

Sandy Mikita explains her interest in volunteering for the new ILTACON Buddy System and talks about the history, development and soon-to-be released content for Law Firm 101, ILTA’s E-Learning Initiative for those new to the legal vertical.
Jeffrey Roach

Jeffrey Roach, President of Encoretech, shares his work to develop the educational content for Law Firm 101, his experiences as a nominee for Innovative Thought Leader and for his organization for Consultant of the Year, his sessions at ILTACON, his welcoming experience at his first ILTA conference and recommendations for participating in ILTA year-round.
Ralph Baxter

Ralph Baxter, past chairman at Orrick, speaks about some of his transformative work to improve law firm employees’ experiences and to improve client relationships while at Orrick. He shares how he now works with legal technology companies and law firms to engage technology to improve efficiency and traditional processes.

Michael Quartararo & Scott Cohen

Michael Quartararo and Scott Cohen talk about the need to use project management disciplines to apply to processes across the e-discovery spectrum.
Mike Guernon

Michael Guernon discusses risk management and compliance trends, upcoming challenges, best practices, responding to client pressures and meeting and managing outside counsel guidelines.
Mike Walsh

ILTACON 2016 Keynote speaker, Mike Walsh, shares his perspective on moving in the 21st century from a disruptive state of technology to transformative state. Learn why he believes the biggest changes are yet to come.

Laura Broomell

Laura Broomell, President of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), talks about her first ILTACON, the goals of the ALA, the ALA Annual Conference and initiatives the ALA plans to undertake in the coming year.
Betsi Roach

Betsi Roach, Executive Director of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), shares the goals of the LMA, a new structural transition and “The Body of Knowledge” initiative designed to identify and pair education needs with competencies and skill sets.
James Leipold

James Leipold, Executive Director of the National Association for Law Placement, talks about the goals of NALP, new conferences introduced this year to develop expertise in the lateral hiring space and the impact of the Great Recession on legal recruiting and hiring since that time.

Elisabet Hardy & Eric Laughlin

Elisabet Hardy & Eric Laughlin of Thomson Reuters offer a vendor perspective on the promises for efficiency and excellence with AI from the trenches to the C-level. They talk about their long-time relationship with ILTA and its members and give tips for first-time vendors at ILTACON.
Michelle Mahoney

Michelle Mahoney, Executive Director of Innovation, shares her experiences from attending the D-School at Stanford and her development of King & Wood Mallesons 2016 Week Out of Practice – Design Week.
Frank Levy

Professor (Emeritus) Frank Levy at M.I.T has studied how computers affect the labor market for 20 years. He decided to focus on one market segment, legal. He discusses his research with Professor Dana Remus in AI for a recent article, “Can Robots Be Lawyers?”

Katie DeBord and Jay Hull

Jay Hull and Katie DeBord share their perspectives and practices as leaders of innovation at two of the most innovative firms, Davis Wright Tremaine and Bryan Cave. They discuss the increased number of firms focused on and investing in innovation and provide examples of innovative collaboration with clients to improve processes.
Lida Pinkham

Lida Pinkham, Technology Training Manager at Ice Miller, shares her experiences with developing competency models that help people learn and adapt as technologies change.
Chris Emerson

Chris Emerson discusses his role in innovation as Chief Practice Economics Officer at Bryan Cave. He works with attorneys and internal departments to develop strategic relationships with clients and find creative solutions to client needs. He also mentions that he’s hiring!

Kate Hagan

Kate Hagan, Executive Director of American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), talks about the goals of AALL, the association’s current branding initiative and the challenges of law firm information professionals.
Andy Peterson

Andy Peterson, Innovative Solutions Strategist for DWT De Novo, shares the development story of De Novo within Davis Wright Tremaine, the recent shift from internal processes to client-focused work and his advice to not start projects by buying tools.
Shaun Temby

Shaun Temby, a Partner at Maddocks, discusses the threat of losing the best and brightest minds of the Millennials to technology companies and how to solve this problem.

William Caraher

William Caraher shares his ideas on security awareness and penetration tests and talks about the new internal communication tool his firm developed, The Live Feed, to create a culture of sharing.
Catherine Moynihan

Catherine Moynihan of the Association of Corporate Counsel speaks about the ACC’s Value Challenge, an initiative to re-connect the cost with the value of legal services and her session at ILTACON.
Scott Rolf

Scott Rolf discusses the legal industry’s efforts to improve security. He describes insider threats, tools to strengthen infrastructure and collaborating across firm departments for better organizational security.

Eileen Whitaker

Eileen Whitaker speaks about her work with the Springboard Consulting, Traveling Coaches certified legal trainer program designed to help trainers raise their skill levels and align with the strategic needs of firms.
Beth Patterson

Beth Patterson discussed her sessions on security and how Allens uses machine learning. She also provided background on her recent lecture at the University of Technology Sydney, “Unprecedented Disruption.”
Judge Andrew Peck

Judge Andrew Peck shares his view on proportionality, the new rule 34 and all things e-discovery.

Berys Amor

ILTA Knowledge Advisor, Berys Amor, talks about her career and move into leadership, her award winning project, Crisis Covered, the strong connection to ILTA in Australia and her work to foster a client-focused technology team.
Noah Waisberg

Noah Waisberg shares the back story to Kira Systems’ machine learning software designed to help attorneys review contracts. Next he wants to improve mergers and acquisition contract review to review a larger percentage of the documents and guide people to the areas needing human review.
Ashley Gibbs

Ashley Gibbs, 2016 Technology Advocacy Professional of the Year, discusses her work in marketing operations to identify technology solutions including most recently an experience management platform for the business development needs of her firm.

David Cunningham

David Cunningham discusses his ILTACON sessions on data and solutions to today’s challenges. He explains the importance of data. He says because “we own the data” we can help lawyers with efficiency and process.
Lucy Bassli

Lucy Bassli talks about her experience as a judge for the Women in Legal Hackathon and working with firms to find improvements in process and communication.
Oz Benamram

Oz Benamram speaks about the increasing focus on knowledge management work in law firms with C-suite knowledge officers, professional support lawyers, dedicated researchers and people focusing on process improvement and adding value.

Ross Forgione

Ross Forgione speaks about strategies for driving innovation in law firms. He urges us to understand the firm culture and to communicate the value of innovation across all levels and departments of a firm for adoption and success.
Keith Lipman

Keith Lipman, the creator of matter centricity for the legal industry, talks about the development of this improvement of document management systems over the last decade to improve upon process.
David Michel

David Michel talks about his successes and challenges working to secure his firm through security awareness training and implementing the right technology tools.